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Our Farm via Satelite

See a street map of the location of the farm in the country. Or to get a real birdseye view of how the farm looks like, see this satellite image, it shows the row crops of our organic fields and orchard.

Organic (carrot) harvest

We only use flavorful heirloom Organic Orange Chantenay Carrots for our carrot flavored horse treats, even though Mariquita Farms grows many different varieties in our field like the Indian Red Carrots, Yellow Carrots and the Belgian White Carrots, we only use the orange one. The Red and Yellow Carrots are carrots that are great for cooking, but not as good raw as the sweet orange ones.

harvesting of the carrots - 1.2MB

pre rinsing - 1MB

final wash - 1.3MB

Organic fruit tree orchard

Our uniqueness comes from adapting the flavors from our region. Hollister has a bountiful history rich in pitted fruits. Apricots are the crown jewel for our region, full of flavor, rich in texture and golden in color. Here on our farms, we grow our fruits all organic. (Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches and Apples)
To prepare for our summer harvest of pitted fruits, we carefully prune and shape our trees, and help combat our pests in an organic fashion by using natural pest control - Ladybugs! Ladybugs fester in the grasses, on the blossoms of the trees, and roost high on top of the mustard flower.
The work begins in the summer depending on the warmth of the spring and early summer. We hand pick with all the farm's helpers, set up our galvanized buckets in the orchard, wash the fruit, pit the fruit, and move it forward for the process of making horse treats.
This is done with all our orchard fruit flavors-however the season begins with Apricot, then Nectarine, followed by Peach, and ending with Apple. We strive to produce enough fruits to last us year round-even though the fruit will no longer be in season, we are continually baking with fresh-frozen organic stone fruits!

fruit tree trimming lesson - 9.2MB

fruit tree trimming - 5.4MB