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Testimonials from customers

May 2008
Hi. I have no sales question, but just wanted you to know that I think your Potager horse treats are the best in the whole wide world. (and I did a lot of research online about the various treats) Believe it or not, I am a New York city girl and only take riding lessons once a week up in the Bronx (the closest stable).....and I swear the 15 schooling horses/ponies see me coming a mile away and start licking their chops. I buy them now at Victory Equine out in CA and am excited to realize your 10# bag is a better deal so now I can buy lots more. I usually get the peppermint, licorice, apple and berry flavors but will also this next time try either the peach or nectarine as your descriptions sound wonderful. (or if you have a favorite, please let me know)

Anyway, so thanks again for all the love and care you put into your products. Until I have my own horse farm and can buy your treats in huge quantites. I appreciate knowing that each week I'm bringing my dear equine friends the best that is out there.

C. Hope of NYC

August 2007
Dear Potager Farm, meet Button
Button and I really enjoyed meeting you and trying your great products at Menlo Charity Horse Show. Here is Button's hearty endorsement of Red Barn Horse Treats

"I love Red Barn Horse Treats. They're healthy, crunchy, and delicious cookies that come in all sorts of yummy flavors. My favorites are Peppermint, Licorice, Honey....Heck, I love them all! Good thing they're so affordable. My owner can buy me as many as I want! Made with organic flaxseed and the very best ingredients, I can crunch to my heart's content!" -- BUTTON, owned by Claire C.
Nicasio, CA

April 2006
"Do the horses love your treats? They think I'm the cat's meeeeoooooow! Every night before I close the barn up they stop eating their food and wait for their treats...Now they follow me all over the place hoping for more. My 5 year old's coat is so nice right now, I've never seen such a shine on him in all his life. Thank you sooooo much for selling me them!" Anita-Salem, CT.

June 2004
I am not sure where to start, so let's go with "thanks" for making such a wonderful treat. My dog's just love them. I raise and train Border Collies. All my dogs just love them, so much so that I now use them to introduce my dogs to new people. Since I live out in the country, and my dogs are not exposed to very many people, they can be shy. Now when ever anyone new comes over they are handed a bowl of treats, and ask walk thru the kennel passing out the treats. They love the treats so much that they forget about being shy and are quick to make a new friend. But, the story I really want to share with you is about my Bo.
When he was 6 weeks old, he contracted a viral infection and could not eat for almost a week. He had no interest in food, and all I could get down him was pedialite with a syringe. I brought a small sample bag of your treats home from our feed store, and just to see if I could interest him in something, gave him a treat. It was amazing, he picked it up, and ran around the house with it. No he did not eat it right away, but it sure brightened up his day. I also have 4 horses who just love your treats and have been eating them for the last few years. They believe that being put in their stall for the sole purpose of being "fed treats". We used them as reward for a wonderful mare who was injured last year, she had to have a bandage change daily for months to a very ugly cut, they again saved my neck, Katie was so obsessed with the treats, she paid little attention to the unpleasant event she had to endure daily. Thank you Rochelle, from all of us at the Rafter Lazy K., Hollister Ca

December 2003

We have found Ro's Dog Treats are perfect for training. Ro's Dog Treats biggest fan, Austin, will do absolutely anything to get one! They make training a dream and I feel great about feeding them.
Megan and Austin, Sunnyvale, California