We know we cannot change the world by ourselves, but we can impact the world in a more positive fashion. As a manufacturer, you can be a responsible one who is committed to producing a fine product to you, your animal(s), and your world. Or you can be out for the bottom line- pack your product full of foreign substance which holds negative detriments to the animal, the user, and the environment, and practice irresponsible farming methods.

We chose the first route-to make the best quality horse treat available to horse and man! To make a treat which is naturally derived from local or American grown farmers, to encompass our treats with health beneficial ingredients such as 100% natural milled grains and organic Flax Seed. We practice safe and responsible farming. And to remember, if we can't eat it, why should our animals eat it. By instilling the freshest smelling, and best tasting treat on the market isn't easy, but we still do it.

By naturally preserving our product through the baking process, we are offering a safer product to be bacteria, mold and insects free. We use only "Made in USA" products and machines. We are proud of producing our treats in the USA. This will secure jobs and the way of life in America. It symbolizes quality, pride, and satisfaction! Help support the "Made in USA" symbol of greatness! The horse industry is changing quickly. More and more goods are being forced out of American soil, and are being moved over seas to countries that make the same item for less than half of what it would cost to produce here on our soils. Not only are you supporting the degridation of the American Manufacturing system, but you are also supporting impoverished working conditions, inhumainly low wages, and a work ethic that has never been the American way. We may not be able to change the world overnight, but we can stick to our core values and eventually we all will make a difference!

Rochelle Beerli
Founder and President

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