Allergy-Free Herbal
(for a healthy dog)

Ro's Herbal Dog Treats 2#

Potager Farms (Ro's Dog Treats) created a partnership with Herbs of the World and created this wonderful new Treat with Prime Pet Herbs.

Rice Bran, oat flour, barley, ground millet, rolled oats, corn syrup, golden brown sugar, organic milled flax seed, dark molasses, Omega-3 fish oil, natural herbs, peppermint

What do this special Herbs promote?
These herbs are a blend for overall health. These herbs were traditionally used to: discourage fleas, promote optimal urinary health, ease the effects of aging, boost the immune system, promote healthy skin and coat.

Prime Pet ingredients:
Alfalfa, Garlic, Yucca, Sage, Astragalus, Bladderwrack, Dong Quai,Pea Powder, Rosehips, Carrots, Dandelion Root, Eleurthero, Fennel, Foti, Milk Thistle, Oregon Grape Root, Parsley Leaf, Slippery Elm, Bai Shai, Du Huo, Quin Jiao, Chuan Xiong.

Suggested Use:
Feed your dog 2 cookies twice a day. For big dogs, 4 cookies twice a day.