Horse Treats 1# Peppermint Horse Treats 2# Peppermint Horse Treats 10# Peppermint

High fiber wheat bran*, high protein wheat flour*, barley, steel cut oats*, light and sweet molasses, golden brown sugar, organic milled flax seed*, canola oil, peppermint oil.

*: GMO free and from a local supplier (within 100 miles)

Why Peppermint:
Peppermint was an obvious choice for us. To begin with, to watch a horse, if he is grazing on "wild, natural land", the horse will nibble on wild peppermint. This is mostly due in part to the soothing and digestive properties that peppermint holds naturally.
Now, if your an old cowboy trainer, or "horse-tamer" you know that the peppermint candy was or is your best friend. Just the sound of the wrapper brought the horse to your hand. Now, we've added our peppermint treat that is loaded with aroma-horses truly LOVE it!