Horse Treats 1# Apricot Horse Treats 2# Apricot Horse Treats 10# Apricot

High fiber wheat bran*, high protein wheat flour*, barley, steel cut oats*, light and sweet molasses, golden brown sugar, apricots (organic while in season), organic milled flax seed*, canola oil.

*: GMO free and from a local supplier (within 100 miles)

Why Apricot?
Now here is a flavor you don't see that often. Why Apricot, you might ask? Have you ever seen a horse eat a pitted fruit naturally from the ground or a tree? Watch them eat an Apricot, Peach or Nectarine. The horse will eat the fruit and dispose of the pit remains.
Also, Hollister is known for their apricots because they are a native crop to our Valley. The area is rich in historical value to this fine pitted fruit. I guess the reason why, is because our "cots" are unlike any out there. Filled with flavor, aroma, and color, we take pride when our Apricot flavored horse treat is produced. Actually see the fruit pieces, and know, the horse loves the Apricot flavor! People are always surprised that a horse would actually like Apricots.