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High fiber wheat bran*, high protein wheat flour*, barley, steel cut oats*, light and sweet molasses, golden brown sugar, organic milled flax seed*, canola oil, all natural anise.

*: GMO free and from a local supplier (within 100 miles)

For our Licorice flavor we use Anise oil, the botanical name is "Pimpinella anisum".
Historical or traditional use (may or may not be supported by scientific studies): Anise has been an important flavoring in European cooking since time immemorial. Its oil has also been used as an anthelmintic—a drug used to remove intestinal parasites(worms)—though it is not considered the strongest plant in this regard. Anise has also been used for centuries in European herbalism to treat coughs and indigestion.

Licorice is our all new flavor, we are introducing it at the Horse Expo show Jun/04