• "It's the best treat ever to come our way" Heinrich - Doberman
  • "We can't believe our nose!" Wrenfield - Beagle
  • "Critically acclaimed! 2 Paws up for the best dog treat ever!!!"
    Ellie - a 'mutt' columnist at the local paper

With rave reviews, we have created our worlds finest dog treat. It gets the nose of every Beagle, Jack, and Doberman in town - it's sure to get your nose too!

What's so special you ask???

Some say it's Allergy Free(no wheat), some say its the peppermint we added. While others insist it's the shapes - "Training-size" which is 1" shapes of hearts, squares, circles and triangles. All we're sure of is that your dog will drop their bone when they try our treats. With organic flax seed and Omega-3 Fish Oil mixed in, dogs not only get their cravings satisfied, but they get their Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) in check. This helps promote a healthy shiny coat, strong nails, and a good internal lubricant. Open the bag, smell the fresh aroma, feed with confidence. Absolutely no bi-products, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. We made our treats specifically for the health conscious public. We know every consumer has the choice to buy real or artificial…we choose real - and we hope you do too!!!

Unique flavors…Unique shapes…Unique treats!!!


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